is now on Open Beta

Sat May 19 2018 Preston Ridley
  • The best part is that it is still FREE!  That's right, anyone that signs up during our open beta period can use the entire social selling platform and our mobile application for free.  Kick the tires, sell your goods, and let us know how it goes.  We want to hear all of your feedback, the good and the bad! is a platform to personalize your social customer journey. We believe that every customer and social seller can benefit from a better post-click shopping experience. We want to give every small business owner or sales person the tools to rock the social selling channels. Our mobile application enables sellers to share personalized links, track customer activity, and quickly respond to any activity alerts triggered through-out the social customer journey.

    To get started:

    Create your free account at
    Verify your email address.
    After sign-in, you'll be guided through a short new user onboarding to get you started.
    Go to the Pages section under My Account and create your first social landing page.

    That's it!

    Once you have your first page published and get a feel for our new inline page editor, make sure and download our mobile app so you can share your content and receive activity alerts while on the go.

    We will keep adding new features throughout the beta period, so make sure and check back from time to time to see what is new. We have a lot of exciting things planned!

    Oh and if you have any suggestions or find an issue, feel free to send us a message on social media or contact us via our website.