Social commerce done differently.

Replace your replicated websites with a
shopping experience your customers will love.

Content Curation

Finding great content can be time consuming. Our content curator uses a unique algorithm to locate relevant and recent articles for you to post to your social network.

Social Engagement

No more guessing if your prospect clicked your link or watched your video. Get instant activity alerts on your mobile phone when a prospect takes action on your page.

Social Prospecting

All the social marketing tools you need to connect with prospects online. Easily share product or opportunity links and attach custom call-to-action overlays for each interaction.

Social Commerce

Product landing pages optimized for mobile devices with Buy Now functionality built in. Retarget abandoned cart users and increase your conversions.

Everything You Need to Grow Your Social Sales

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Personalize the Shopping Experience

Online commerce has changed. Savvy consumers now rely more on their social networks to help them make buying decisions.

  • Replace the one-size-fits-all shopping sites.
  • Create unique shopping pages for each interaction.
  • Launch new marketing campaigns with ease.

Share to Any Social Network

Engage with customers on their preferred social network.

  • Take your message to where your customers are.
  • Leverage short links with automatic distributor attribution.
  • Mobile activity alerts for customer interactions.

Retargeted Social Advertising

Dynamically retarget product page visitors to increase conversions after the initial share.

  • Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert.
  • Direct customers back to the product they viewed.
  • Done-for-you Facebook advertising solutions.

Social Automation for Your Salesforce

Spend more time building your business and less time managing social media.

  • Quickly find engaging content to share with the Content Curator.
  • Schedule posts in advance with the Social Queue.
  • Mobile notifications for new content alerts.

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