Personalized Social Selling

Fri Aug 24 2018 Preston Ridley
Selling products on social networks is easy, right? All I have to do is create a post on Facebook, and because of the reach of social media people from all over will want to buy what I’m selling. Right?

Unfortunately, we know it isn’t that simple. Social media can be a powerful tool for selling, but it requires more than “random acts of social media” to be successful.

The key to sales success is to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Right Information

As shoppers we are more informed buyers than ever before. Think about the first thing we do when we hear of a product or business opportunity. We Google it, right? We want to determine if the product, and the person selling it, is trustworthy. What do others say about it and what information can I find that shapes my interest?

If the information is not easy to find, either because it does not exist or is buried amongst an abundance of information, we are likely to lose interest. And chances are, there is misleading and even false information about the products that we have to wade through.

The right information is personalized for the buyer and meets them where they are currently on the buyer’s journey.

Right Person - Right Time

Our social media networks are a community and need to be fostered as such. Regularly blasting information to social networks can reduce the level of trust others have in us. It diminishes our social sales abilities as buyers are quick to tune us out as spammers.

The key is to be ultra-targeted with our sales prospecting and personalize our social media engagement.

Using Technology To Our Advantage is a tool to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Our mobile app makes it easy to share personalized info with your prospects on social media, and receive alerts to know who is interested and when to engage further.


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