Build brand advocacy and amplify your message.

Increase engagement with your content and empower ambassadors to become your best brand advocates.
Boost brand visibility by making it easy for your ambassadors to share your content, stay on brand, and remain compliant with your message.
Brand Advocacy

Are your Facebook posts being seen by your followers?

You are probably only reaching 5% of followers unless they are included in an ad campaign.

Ensure ambassadors see your content.

Increase your social content visibility with a personalized company content stream for your ambassadors.

Easily curate, pin, and promote articles to your private social stream.

Social content streams
Social prospecting

Send notifications about new or promotional content.

Increase engagement with your content by scheduling and sending push notifications to your ambassadors.

Push campaigns allow you to schedule posts and media assets and send push notifications to boost awareness and excitement about upcoming initiatives.


Make it easy to find and share relevant content.

Enable your ambassadors to spend more time selling your products and less time searching for content to share.

Our unique Content Channels design allow you to organize and distribute all of your approved assets through channels organized by region, country, and language.

Users can find and subscribe to content channels appropriate for their business needs.

Social content channels

Reduce risk with social governance and compliance.

Reduce your risk by ensuring ambassadors stay on-brand and use appropriate messaging while sharing approved content through your company-branded mobile app.

View reports for potential risks as well as posts that triggered a compliance warning or alert.

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